ECUPHAR Stragegy

ECUPHAR's primary business is the development and marketing of innovative products that provide significant benefits to animal health.

The key aspects of ECUPHAR’s strategy are:

1.Development of the veterinary pharmaceutical portfolio:
        a) development of own OTC and registered products for companion animals as well as farm animals;
        b) acquiring distribution rights or licenses for new products or active ingredients.

2.Increase market penetration
       Developing and encouraging the sales teams within the business units to increase market share in the existing markets.

3. Expand export by developing new export destinations.

4. Partnerships/Alliances

To enhance internal development and marketing programs, Ecuphar seeks partnerships and alliances with like-minded companies and institutions. These relationships may take the form of product and technology licenses, alliances, acquisitions or marketing/promotional arrangements. Ecuphar believes it has the necessary qualities for successful partnering including - creativity, commitment, flexibility and experience - supported by a strong technological, business and financial infrastructure. Contact Mr.Jeroen Bastijns –